Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Everyone decorated eggs- adults and children alike.
Eating eggs- what a treat!

Winners of Easter Sunday Basketball Tournament. They got gift certificates to Jollibee- a fast food place here.
Some basketball action

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Easter! We hope you had a beautiful day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. The ministry has had an action packed two weeks. The children here are now on summer vacation so we are in full swing with summer programs and outreach to this precious community.

Summer Splash

We have begun a weekly program for school age children. Because of God's favor, the elementary principal is allowing us to use the community school free all summer. Children come to have tons of fun playing water games, making crafts, and soaking in the presence of God- His river. The Holy Spirit is touching these children and birthing a hunger in them for more. One little girl last week had a vision of Jesus! We are so excited for all that these little ones are becoming!

School of Champions

We have begun a second 8 week series of discipleship for the ladies. We met Good Friday to worship, learn, and thank Jesus for the incredible price he paid. The ladies were powerfully touched and experienced the Fathers love in new ways.

Purok 5 Movie

Good Friday evening was spent showing a movie on a sheet at the community basketball court. This gave us an opportunity to reach out to other families and proclaim the goodness of God. New people are being touched each month. We are always surprised what God has in store for the people of Purok 5.

Easter Sunday

We celebrated Resurrection Day with an open air service at the community basketball court. It was a special time and a blessing to sing praises to Jesus and share the Word as families listened from their mountainside homes. We are believing this will be the beginning of change for many homes here. Visitors gathered at the back of the court but eventually moved forward as they were welcomed. Several of the new men were humbled by the worship. After the service, Kent organized a Father/son basketball tournament. It was a great success and drew several new men and boys that we had never met! The ladies and girls participated in an egg decorating contest. We boiled 250 eggs to give away and decorate. The people literally treated them like gold. We actually had some decorated eggs stolen before they could even be judged! We played games and enjoyed a wonderful time as family. What a day!

Thank you for your prayer and support. Without your faithfulness, none of this would be possible.

With much Love,
Paige and Kent

Friday, April 3, 2009

Victory over Darkness

Hello all. Thank you for your prayers. We have finished the trimester and are enjoying time together as we minister.

God has been so good to us. We are amazed at what he is doing in the people here. Many of them come from witchcraft and ancestral worship traditions. He is doing a powerful work in these families, filling them with light that dispels the darkness.

One of the ladies that attends our house church shared an incredible story with us this week about God's miraculous power. Bee (name changed) and her sister Iri live in Baguio while their parents live in a village in the mountain provinces. Both ladies have just become Christians in the last few months through the ministry. Last weekend, when Iri went home to visit her parents, she found her mother terribly sick and in bed. She was getting worse and the family could do nothing in the way of medical care. Iri was afraid and sensed an evil presence in the room. She wanted to pray for her mother but was unsure how to do so. The father of the family had never been open to Christianity.

Iri texted her sister Bee and asked what she should do. Bee replied "I don't know but the Holy Spirit will teach you how to pray". So Bee prayed from Baguio as Iri layed hands on her mother and voiced a simple prayer.

At that moment the father saw a bright light and had a vision of Jesus standing in the family home! The mother was miraculously healed and got up out of bed!

Iri and Bee are now convinced of the power of Jesus and are praying for their entire extended family to know Him. We are praying with them for even greater things in their family and village. God can never be out done. He has already won the victory.

May the Lord increase our faith to believe for the impossible.

Thank you for the ways you invest in us and the Kingdom of God in the Philippines. You are a vital part of all that's happening here. Thank you for sending us.

Love and prayers,
Paige and Kent Parrish