Friday, June 20, 2008

Hello to all. Mabuhay (welcome) to our blog! It has been a priviledge to have the opportunity to come and minister in such a unique and beautiful nation. We hope to give you a glimpse of daily life and ministry here. Many blessings from Baguio!

The market in Baguio is what you would call 'open air". It stretches for several blocks along the street. This is where many people here (including us) buy fresh produce. People bring their wares every morning to sell on the streets at about 5 am. The crowd is huge, especially on weekends. It is hard to find room to take good pictures as people are passing by and vehicles are honking you out of the way of traffic. Meat and fish are sold hanging in the market............I wish that I could describe the smell. It's like trash you forgot to take out.......for a week or so. But, most things are very fresh........

The Americans here have taught us to soak our food(fruits and veggies) in bleach water(just a little bleach) for about 20 min and then rinse. It kills any critters!

We had the opportunity to visit a church in the mountains on Father's Day. A lady from the school has a burden for the Ibulao tribe and is planting churches. The pictures below show the building after just 4 years. What a testimony to God's faithfulness....they began under a tree. The tribe has a history of mostly animism (pagan sacrifices and believing plants and animals have souls). The lady at the podium below was a former Pagan priestess near there. A second church is planted farther into the mountains but currently has no building. Pray for this awesome work!

Blessings from Baguio,
Paige and Kent