Monday, August 8, 2011


Kent sharing the Word with street vendors and children in the park
Showing the Father's heart through love and food at street church
School children eating at a feeding program
Kent baptizing one of our beautiful people
Chloe Abigail Parrish- a gift to us.

Wow! It has been a BUSY summer. We are just now settling down to reflect on all God has done. Growth, miracles, joy, and challenge would describe our lives and ministry over the last three months.

As you know, our baby daughter Chloe came into the world on May 27th. She is our miracle and a bright light in our lives. Thank you to each and every one of you who have prayed and sent support for our family. The Lord has a beautiful plan for her life and we are so privileged to have her.


We are seeing revival among the teenage young people . Since hosting a youth camp in April, the numbers of teens attending our 2 weekly youth programs have literally DOUBLED. They are coming with hungry hearts and worship with such passion. We are humbled and inspired by who they are and what they are overcoming.

Feeding Programs
His Heart has begun another daily feeding program in a neighboring area. Malnourished children are served a hot meal everyday. Once a week, they are fed spiritually through an after school kids church that is ministering to over 100 elementary students. His Heart is now serving about 900 hot meals a week through its various programs. The doors are open for ministry here and we are taking every opportunity to plant seeds in their lives.


We love to see people dedicate their lives to the Lord and be water baptized. This weekend was no exception. 30 people testified of his goodness and were baptized outside on a cold rainy Sunday. We know this is the beginning of a new life for them and their families! Thank you for praying and sending us to share His love.

Our Future Plans
It is hard to believe that we have been in Baguio three years now. It seems like just yesterday that we were saying our goodbyes and praying for the Lord's guiding hand. It has been a life changing experience to serve here. Thank you for making it possible. We are eternally grateful.

We are in the process of getting a US passport for Chloe and tying up lose ends with the ministry. Kent will graduate with his Masters of Divinity in September and we anticipate being back in the states this fall for a while. This is definitely not the end of missions for us but we are looking forward to coming back to see family and share all that God has done. We are trying to save money for plane tickets now. If the Lord leads you to help with this, you can direct all funds to Bob Parrish. Email us for the address and more details.

It is a joy serving as your missionaries to the Filipino people. Because of you, countless lives are changed. Know that we pray for you and are excited to see you back stateside.

Love and blessings from Baguio,
Paige, Kent, and Chloe Parrish

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Touching Heaven

Just wanted to update you on some of what God has been doing here in Baguio. Highlights include:

****Touching Heaven Kids VBS with over 120 children in attendance! Many new contacts made with brand new families. Hearts turned to Jesus, worship rising, families impacted by God's presence. :)

****New local house church leaders have been trained to lead Sunday morning gatherings in their homes. So excited to see fruit and expand the Kingdom in the village neighborhood we are reaching!

Meet a life your support has changed (see pic below)

Youngest of 14 children
Several family members involved in offering sacrifices to pagan gods
Lives in a small mountain house made of scrap metal
Family exists on about 4 dollars a day


God has changed her heart forever. She is now serving as a full-time
volunteer with the ministry. An amazing leader,
Jovi has incredible potential. Thank you Jesus for the gift that she is
to so many! And thank YOU........for seeing the need and investing in
a life for eternity.

May your life abound with His richest blessings. :)

Paige and Kent Parrish

Monday, February 28, 2011

What's new?

Hi friends. The last few months have been so busy with Christmas celebrations and starting out a new year. We pray you are all well. Thank you for being so faithful to us.

2011 has brought some new and exciting things for His Heart. Here are some quick highlights:

  • The ministry has begun a second weekly outreach in another public elementary school. This is the 2nd school that we are targeting with daily feeding of about 35 malnourished children. Open to all, the children play games, sing songs, and learn about Jesus on Wednesday afternoons. The response has been incredible and there is NOT enough room to hold them all.
  • We are excited to begin a college age discipleship/service program in April. Three of our graduating youth will serve, learn, and grow through teaching, prayer, and encounter as they offer themselves to God for an entire year with the ministry. With their financial situations, and families making 3-4 dollars a day, this is a HUGE sacrifice. We are so proud of who they will become and believe this will be a LIFE CHANGING year for them.
  • We are seeing God touch lives and bodies more and more. One precious man was again healed of painful arthritis last week in the city park as his friend (a brand new believer) prayed for him. We just can't out do God. His goodness is overwhelming.
Above are some pictures of the street ministry and members of the house churches. We hope it gives you a glimpse of our hearts and the people we love here.

Your partners in the Philippines,
Paige and Kent Parrish