Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The wind is blowing!

One of the homes in Purok 5
Paige posing with one of ladies after climbing a rock in the barangay (village) where we minister.

Being church together

Hi to all. Things are picking up here as Kent has returned to school. He is taking the Book of Romans, Perspectives in Pentecostalism, and Spiritual Formation. It is a full schedule but he is of course excelling in it. Mean while, he continues to minister on the weekends and heads up the Tuesday morning street church program. It is there that we feed and minister to street children, vendors, and the homeless in the city park. We are planting seeds of love and seeing fruit from this time.

God is doing so much here. We wanted to give you a glimpse of the testimonies pouring in from our people. Keep in mind that these people are squatters (they collect scrap metal to build their houses and move onto land) and always face serious financial need. Most of them have no work or do odd jobs on a part time basis, bringing in 3 dollars a day. Its amazing to see how rich they are becoming spiritually and how the Potter can take brokeness and use it to display His glory.

Here are some testimonies shared in house church a couple weeks ago:
Chato said that this week a lady came to her house.
She was sick and the husband was not home. She
wanted someone to take her to the hospital.
Chato was busy doing things around the house
and was really tired at the end of the day.
God spoke to her in her mind "Whatever you
do for the least of mine, you do for me".
She obeyed God and payed for the jeepney
fair to accompany the lady to BGH. As she was
in the jeepney, she was thinking " I don't
even know this lady." The lady then said
she had not eaten for two days and asked for
50 pesos. Chato said she had compassion in
her heart and gave her the money. She stayed
with her until she was checked into the
hospital and prayed with the lady. Chato
is learning to listen to God and obey
him and that He calls us to help others
in their time of need.

Jazel was beaming as she shared how she
had been touched powerfully by the Holy
Spirit on Sunday. She explained that
she had pain in her legs and back before
she was baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Since that day, she has had no pain.
She was able to squat to wash clothes
this week without pain. She also
testified that her husband is having
an affair but she is now praying for him.
She believes Jesus is hearing her prayer
as her husband came home on time every
day this week.

Irene- I am hearing God speak to me about
going to pray for sick people. Sometimes
i am afraid people will laugh at me and
have doubts but I believe God is speaking
to me and has given me this gift to pray
and see people healed. Jesus loves us.

Irene has prayed for several people and God has
miraculously healed them. :)

Helen- Helen said that when she
realized she could not afford to go
back to college this term, she didnt
know what to do. She was confused about
her future and disappointed. However,
over the past couple of months, the idea
of a call to ministry kept popping into her
mind. At first she laughed it off. But over
the last couple of weeks, God has begun to
give her visions. She is seeing herself
sharing the word of God with young people
and their lives being transformed. When
she ministers to the street boys, she feels
a deep love in her heart for them. She
believes that the Holy Spirit is guiding
her future and she wants to serve him with
her whole heart. "Sometime when I pray and
even in my dreams I saw myself doing
missions and with groups of people.
Sometimes I would just cry when I thought
about it."

Salome- Since I have begun coming to these
meetings, God has provided for my family.
Since I began in this church,there is
always work waiting for me. My husband's
job was supposed to last from Jan-March.
I prayed and asked the Lord to extend it
so that we could have more money for the
family. I asked God to keep the work
going until school started on June 1st.
Every week since March, my husband
has had work. Even now in the middle
of June, he continues to work. God
is blessing me so much.

Dalia- My daughter and son were sick
last week with a fever at times of 40 C.
I prayed for them and trusted God. I did
not go to the hospital because of money.
They are better now. I am learning that
God is our helper and our healer.

Thank you for investing in these lives and
countless others. You are an important part
of what they are becoming.
God Bless you all.
Paige and Kent

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dog anyone?

Amy, a short term missionary here, caught a fish with a handmade wooden spear.

Wow! I got one!

Look at how tiny it is! Who knew Amy had that kind of skill? We pan fried them and had them for lunch.Amy sharing at a church service.

A hanging bridge we crossed to get to the mountain village. Notice the wooden planks. A little nerve racking. The drop below is farther than it looks.
One of the bridges we crossed

Dog meat. Yes, we did both eat it. It tastes a lot like beef. It was such a treat for the mountain family. We were their honored guests.
Hiking in the rain......absolutely beautiful.
Took the teenagers bowling for the very first time. Had a blast!
The Girls Purity Conference

Hello to all. Well, it has been a crazy summer. It seems like we haven't stopped since the beginning of April. Time flies when you are having fun loving people.

In the last month, we have seen so much fruit from our ministry here. The youth have been on summer vacation and are changing from the inside out. With the wonderful help of Amy, a short term missionary from Bardstown, we hosted a teenage girls retreat. The girls learned so much and it was an absolute treat for them to have comfortable mattresses and hot showers. By God's grace, we are able to sponsor 28 children to school this year......that's exactly double last year and the very number we prayed for. :) God is so good. From this money, they will receive supplies, shoes, uniform, tuition, medical expenses, project fees, food incentives, rewards for grades, and spiritual enrichment. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who gave so generously.

Other Special Highlights in April and May include:

We took the teenagers bowling one night. They were so excited. It was the first time for most of them. They didn't want to go home.

We just finished our 8 week School of Champions discipleship program for the adults. They continue to pray for the sick and see miracles happen. Several have been healed in the last month or so. We are so in awe of Jesus and how much He loves them.

The Lord continues to move in our weekly activities in the homes and with the street children. The people are growing. Its hard to believe how far they have come in less than a year.

We trekked into the mountains this weekend for a visit to the Igorot tribes. Kent preached twice and we had a wonderful time immersed in the mountain culture. Highlights included hiking three hours each way in the rain to get to the village, crossing 3 hanging bridges, and being served dog meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was an experience we will never forget.

Thank you for sending us. You are making a difference. We love you.

In Service to the King,
Paige and Kent