Sunday, March 15, 2009


Children part of the daily feeding program at a local school
Showing the love
Receiving Baptism certificates

Hello to our family and friends back in the USA! We are nearing the end of another trimester at APTS. Kent will have three final exams in the next two weeks. Paige will also have one. So it is crunch time..........but it will all be over very shortly. The Philippine summer is April and May so we will have a vacation from seminary and time to focus on expanding new ministry opportunities.

How can I describe what has been happening here over the last month? It's like a new beginning....a springtime of blessing for so many of the precious people we minister to. God is doing a new thing in families. Many of the ladies we have been pouring into for months are receiving healing from deep hurts in their past. One lady testified that her depression has left after she was powerfully touched by Jesus. Another cried one Thursday as she told of having nowhere to live but rejoiced that God has blessed her family with a tin house. Its stories like these that make what we do worth it.

The team is excited for the summer break and plans to jump into additonal outreaches, retreats, and vacation bible school for the children. We are expecting incredible help in May as we will have a short term missionary (Amy from Kentucky) join us for a few weeks. God is readying the harvest.

A group from the University of Tennessee just fundraised to help us with our daily feeding program. Their money will feed 35 children everyday for over a month at school. The program, coordinated through a local elementary school, seeks to prevent children from turning to the street. They receive love and a hot meal daily. Many of them are also sponsored to attend school through the ministry.

As we continue to seek out the broken, God is changing our hearts as well. It occurred to me that I have not noticed or thought about our church family being poor for some time now. We are surrounded by poverty but they are not poor to us. With the eyes of the Father, we are seeing nothing but potential. The heavens are open and He is pouring out everything we need.

Thank you for feeding, touching, and loving with us. You are appreciated and missed.

Paige and Kent