Monday, October 26, 2009

For everything, there is a season

Flooding in Manila, the capital city and where we go to the airport.
Kent with some of the people we minister to.
Landslide site that cut our city off from travel in or out for about 4 days. People carrying a pig by foot to use for food.

Flooding in our city

As I write this, I am reflecting on the strength of the Filipino people. The families in our city have faced destruction and adversity with such courage and faith. October brought two fatal typhoons and left hundreds of thousands with no home in Manila. Despite hardship, death, and higher food prices, the people remain faithful and hopeful. It has been such an incredible blessing to see their resilience and flexibility. We are humbled by who they are.

As with any natural disaster, the poor suffer the greatest. We are privileged to work with some of them in our city. We know street people by name and share in their lives. We are given the opportunity everyday to serve the Lord by being His hands and feet.

While we mourn the death of a member of our street church family, we celebrate the hope of Jesus. Nothing can separate us from his great love. We are thankful that the Lord has a plan in every situation. He is our rock and strong fortress.

New life is springing up before our eyes......literally. One of the street ladies who attends our bible study in the city park delivered a healthy baby boy last week. He has been named Angelo Kent.
What an honor!

The people in Purok 5 ( the neighborhood where we minister) are growing. The youth are witnessing at school and bringing friends regularly. We will be baptizing several church members soon.

Thank you for your faithful support, even in the midst of difficult financial times. We depend on you and are blessed to "go" on your behalf. May you reap a harvest 100 fold for the seeds planted here.

Video: I just couldn't resist sharing this. Lola, as we call her, lives on the street and attends weekly street church in the city park. She moves around town, carrying her bags with her. Like a true Filipino, she is already singing Christmas songs in October. We hope her rendition of Silver Bells brightens your day and makes you laugh. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prayers and pom poms

Well, its been an eventful last three weeks. As some of you may know, it has been a devestating time for the Philippines this month. Two typhoons hit in a span of about 8 days. Massive flooding affected 3 million people in the capital city of Manila and hundreds of thousands still have nowhere to go. Hundreds of thousands of families are sleeping in schools and churches. Our city, Baguio, is situated in the mountians so flooding is less common. However, landslides make typhoons especially dangerous for the poor. A family of five was buried alive just around the corner from the seminary where we live. We just received word that 8 of the street boys we minister to were caught in a flooded stream and swept away. 7 were rescued. The eighth is still missing. Thank you for your prayers for the Filipino people. This is such a wonderful opportunity to share the love of the Lord and give people hope.

We'd like to especially thank Faith Worship Center for their generous gift for the flood victims. Your gift is enabling families who have lost everything to begin again. Food and relief is a tool for sharing and living the gospel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please pray with us for Angela, the director of His Heart. Her mother went to heaven on Sunday in New Zealand. By Gods grace, Angela and Yasmin arrived just in time. She is in New Zealand now and is unsure when she will return. In the meantime, the team here is carrying on. Thank you for your prayers for them during this difficult time.

In other news, the seminary hosted its annual missions night last week. Special mission services take place all week. Students from various countries showcase talent and do cultural presentations. We have an incredible banquet meal with lots of Asian home cooking. This year the Americans chose Monday Night Football. The guys ran slow motion plays to the Hank Williams' song while the ladies did cheers. It was a blast and well received by all.

We are really looking forward to sharing what God is doing here on our visit home in December.
:) We can't tell you how much we have grown and changed.

God bless ya'll.

Paige and Kent