Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Medical Mission

Remove Formatting from selection People waiting in line to see the doctor.
Paige assisting the dentists.
Open wide!

Warm Filipino greetings from the Parrish's. Just thought we'd fill you on some recent happenings.
Last Saturday, we had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to go on a one day medical mission to a town south of Baguio. The team of about 20 provided medical, dental care, medicine, and counseling to about 150 people. The day was organized as a church planting effort in conjunction with a local church there . We left about 5:30 am and rode the jeepney 2 1/2 hours to Santa Barbara, Pangasinan. The people were already waiting for us.

We were quickly put to work. Kent spent most of the day at the registration table, taking the blood pressure of patients. He was truly a natural. I had the very exciting job of cleaning the dental instruments. The dentists would use dental pliers and literally pulled close to 50 teeth that day. I scrubbed the bloody tools and got them sterilized for the next patient. It was such a funny job for me as I DO NOT like the dentist....... I just kept telling myself....... "At least they get novacaine shots". Never hurts to be stretched.........and I was that day. Believe me.

His Heart Ministry, our outreach in Baguio, is going strong. The Holy Spirit is moving and we are so blessed to be here.

Thank you for your prayers. We have not been sick one day since we returned. We know its because of faithful intercessors.

One last story: We just want to thank you for your support. Because of you, we were able to fund an outreach project to the Bagobo tribe in southern Mindanao. This area is very strong Muslim territory and located in the far south region of the Philippines. A Filipino friend from APTS has a great artistic gift and was able to make an evangelistic video and visit homes in the region, distributing food and the dvd.

Your giving funded the production costs and copies of the dvd for 200 families.

As we visited with you in the States in mid Dec, the team rode motorbikes into the Mindanao mountains, carrying the message of hope and freedom in Jesus. Please pray with us that the seeds planted through this effort will take root in the lives of the people.....that they will encounter the living Jesus.

Pagpalain ka (God Bless you)

Kent and Paige

Monday, January 12, 2009

Divine Appointments

Hello to all. Life in Baguio is as usual, though a little cooler than when we left. It has been great to see our street friends and church family. We are amazed at the growth we see in people's lives everyday. On Saturday, we visited our friends that live in the park. We felt impressed to buy them blankets as most of them were wearing shorts and use cardboard to cover themselves at night.

Sandy, one of the ladies that sleeps in the park, had gone to the market that very day to buy a blanket. She found one that cost 5 dollars. There was no way she could buy it.......she would have to spend more than a week's earnings. So, she prayed and asked God to send her a blanket. Though we did not know it, God answered her prayer through us. I wish you could have seen her smile.

Our first Sunday morning back was full of joy and excitement. We worshiped, shared the Word, had communion, and ate arroz caldo (sticky rice with chicken). In Filipino culture, family members that go on a trip bring a small souvenir or token back. They call this tradition "pasalubong".
The people in Sto. Rosario were delighted to receive a very small token from America. We enjoyed giving it even more.

Classes have begun. Kent is gearing up for Expository Preaching, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Asian Theological Issues (study of the theologies and belief systems impacting Asia). Paige will be taking the counseling class and investing in the ministry full time.

Thank you for making it possible to be here. You are a valuable part of everything happening in Baguio. Have a wonderful start to 2009.

That they all may hear,
Kent and Paige Parrish